Freya, 24



Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Height 165
Weight 65
Bra B natural
Dress 38
Origin Germany
Languages German, English
Interests neue Menschen kennen lernen, Dinge über die Natur lernen
Job Student
Cuisine Italian
Drinks Apperitivo Rosato, Wildberry Lilet, Cola Zero, Baileys
Smoking Occasionally
Tattoo | Piercing No / No

Bitte gib hier Datum, Uhrzeit und Dauer unseres persönlichen Treffens ein.

What character traits do you like?

Openness, being impartial, spontaneity, respect, honesty.

If you had to describe yourself with a well-known movie title – which one would it be?

Into the Wild – just go out there, experience things, be brave. I’m a bit naive sometimes because I believe almost everything I’m told. But I think that makes me quite endearing.

What is especially important to you on a date?

It is very important to me that both of them have a pleasant time and can say retrospectively that they enjoyed it. Our life is getting faster and faster, more and more clocked, so it’s important to be able to switch off in between and just indulge – the moment, the second, the feeling.