Alexa, 24



Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Height 163
Weight 57
Bra E natural
Dress 38
Origin Germany
Languages German, English
Interests Serien & Filme, Freunde treffen, lesen, Sprachen
Job Student
Cuisine Asian, Greek, Italian
Drinks Cola, Tequila Sunrise, Caipirinha
Smoking No
Tattoo | Piercing Yes / Removable

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What is your life´s philosophy?

Live and let live.

A person who inspires you?

My absolute inspiration is the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. She has achieved so much and done so much good. Besides, I just think her story is amazing. Sad but at the same time full of hope! Like me, I think education is important and should be freely available to everyone, no matter what sex you have. It is not just a role model for women and girls but for everyone. Just admirable.

If you had to describe yourself with a well-known movie title – which one would it be?

Definitely “Singing in the rain”. He describes the two things that I love the most and that help me with stress. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a summer person and that I find myself outside as soon as it rains. I just like the smell, the mood, the feeling when you go in and drink something warm and everything looks like when it’s wet, especially at night. Besides, honestly, who does not like to sing, especially loud, in the shower?

What do you think makes you stand out from the masses?

Honestly, I do not understand what’s so bad if you do not delineate yourself. Nowadays everybody wants to be different and somehow everybody loses his individuality. Everyone wants to be so different that all are the same again. In my opinion you should not pretend too much and think as much as you would like to be. Just stay nice and unprejudiced and be positive about everything, that’s all you need!

What did you always want to become as a child?

Policewoman. I always wanted to be someone who helps people and ensures law and order, someone who radiates authority but also trust. As a child, however, was the biggest factor that I found the uniforms great.

What do you want to have achieved until your 30th birthday?

Talk as many languages ​​as possible. German and Albanian are my two mother tongues, English my first foreign language. I study Japanese and Korean, but I already know the basics in Korean. French and Spanish are not foreign to me either. But there are so many other languages ​​I want to learn, each has its own special feature! Languages ​​are for me the key to good (further) education and close and long friendships.